The average body temperature is approximately 98.6°F. When your body undergoes strenuous exercise or overexertion in hot, 潮湿的天气, it sometimes isn't able to efficiently cool itself to retain a normal temperature. Dehydration, alcohol use, and overdressing also can prevent the body from cooling itself correctly.




  • 大量出汗
  • 乏力
  • 肌肉痉挛


  • 大量出汗
  • 模糊
  • 低血压
  • 恶心想吐
  • 低发热
  • 头疼
  • 尿色深
When your body undergoes overexertion in hot weather, it sometimes isn't able to efficiently cool itself to retain a normal temperature. 


In addition to athletes, there are a few other factors that increase the risk of 中暑:

  • 年龄 - Young children and adults over age 65 are often unable to adjust to changes in temperature as quickly as older children and adults, making them vulnerable to 中暑.
  • 药物 - Some types of 药物 such as Diuretics, 镇静剂, 镇静剂, 兴奋剂, 心, and blood pressure 药物 and 药物 for psychiatric conditions pose an increased risk for 中暑.
  • 健康状况 - Individuals with certain medical conditions such as 心, 肺, 或肾病, 肥胖或体重过轻, 高血压, 糖尿病, 精神疾病, 镰状细胞特征, 酗酒, 或者晒伤的风险也会增加.



If heat cramps lead to 中暑:

  • 在凉爽的地方休息.
  • 饮料冷却液体.
  • 在皮肤上敷凉水.
  • Rest with legs elevated above 心 level.

Visit MedExpress if signs or symptoms do not rapidly improve. Our medical team will be able to treat your 中暑 to help your body cool down properly. Our centers also have IV fluids available to help replenish essential electrolytes that are lost through excessive sweating. 


Untreated 中暑 can progress to heatstroke or a temperature of 103°F or higher, a life-threatening condition that requires immediate medical attention. 中暑 can cause permanent damage to the brain and other organs. If heatstroke is suspected, call 911 immediately.